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Thanksgiving...No Donkey Required!

Hey you.

Yes you!

I wanted you to take a moment before it gets too late and pause. Take a breath. Before you load up the donkey and hitch it to the star and head off to Bethlehem, take a quick moment and think of about that one thing that you are extremely grateful for in your life. Most people on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages professed that they were most thankful for Life, Love, Happiness, and Family. I really agree. My question is, when was the last time you took a real photograph with those things that you treasure most? When was the last time you cleaned up, put on great clothes, combed ya hair, put on makeup and gathered those persons in front of a professional photographer and captured this moment in time for future generations to see? If you have to think too long, it's been too long.

Take a moment and book an appointment this holiday season to make the BEST of the BEST of who you and your family are. Whether it be a solo shot of you, gathering the spouse to be as uncomfortable in his suit, or you in an A-lined skirt, or everyone comfy casual, the whole (insert your last name here) clan, you decide. Get some awesome photos (printed and mounted preferred) and capture this moment in time for all that you are!

Be amazing. Be Awesome. Be You!


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